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Outdated release! Latest docs are Release 8.7: CLI Config File


In the next release of Trifacta® Self-Managed Enterprise Edition after Release 6.0, the Trifacta command line interface tools will be removed from the product (End of Life). Before upgrading to that release or a later one, you must migrate your usage of the CLI to use the REST APIs. For more information, see CLI Migration to APIs.

As an alternative to including admin passwords in each command that is executed, you can insert a set of admin credentials into a configuration file. The file location is the following:


One or more sets of credentials can be specified in the following format:

"credentials": {

In your scripts, you can specify just the value for admin_username, and the config file is checked for the appropriate password, which is applied to the command.

NOTE: The permissions on this config file should be set such that only the user executing the command can read the file.

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