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Outdated release! Latest docs are Release 8.7: Install Desktop Application



If your environment does not support the use of Chrome, you can install the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application to provide the same access and functionality as the Trifacta® application. This desktop application connects to the enterprise Trifacta instance and provides the same capabilities without requiring a locally installed version of Chrome browser. 

Wrangler Enterprise desktop application is a hybrid desktop application. Your local application instance accesses registered data files located in the datastore to which the Trifacta node is connected.

Install Process

NOTE: The Wrangler Enterprise desktop application is a 64-bit Microsoft Windows application. It requires a 64-bit version of Windows to execute. The application also supports Single Sign On (SSO), if it is enabled.


To begin, you must download the following Windows MSI file (TrifactaEnterpriseSetup.msi) from the location where your software was provided.

If you are planning to automate installation to desktops in your environment, please also download setTrifactaServer.ps1.


Before you begin, you should perform any necessary configuration of the Trifacta node before deploying the instances of the application. See Configure for Desktop Application.

Install for Windows


  1. On your Windows desktop, double-click the MSI file. 
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Windows Command Line Installation and Configuration

As an alternative, you can perform installation and initial configuration from the command line. Download the MSI and the PS1 files to a local directory that is accessible.

NOTE: For command line install, you must download from the setTrifactaServer.ps1 from the download location.  

Install software

msiexec /i <path_to_TrifactaEnterpriseSetup.msi> /passive

Configure URL of Trifacta node:

setTrifactaServer.ps1 -trifactaServer <server_url> -installDir <local_dir>

(Required) URL of the server hosting the Trifacta platform. Format:


(Optional) Specifies the installation directory in the local environment.

If not specified, installation directory defaults to use the same path as the installer.

common installer parametersThis command supports the following Windows installer parameters: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable, OutBuffer, PipelineVariable, and OutVariable. For more information, see about_CommonParameters here:

After this install is completed, desktop users should be able to use the application normally.

Launch the Application


  1. When installation is complete, double-click the application icon.
  2. For the server, please enter the full URL including port number of the Trifacta instance to which you are connecting.

    1. By default, the server is available over port 3005. For more information, please contact your IT administrator.

    2. If you connect to the Internet through a proxy, additional configuration is required. See Configure Server Access through Proxy.

      NOTE: If you make a mistake in specifying the URL to the server, please uninstall and reinstall the MSI. This step clears the local application cache, and you can enter the appropriate path through the application. See Uninstall below.

  3. When the proper URL and port number are provided, you may launch the application.

  4. If your environment contains multiple server deployments, you can select the one to which to connect:

    Figure: Choose Server 

  5. Login with your . See Login.

Documentation Note

Unless specifically noted, all features described for  Trifacta Self-Managed Enterprise Edition or the Trifacta application apply to the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application.


To uninstall from your Windows machine, use the Add or Remove Programs control panel.


Cannot connect to server

If you are unable to connect to the server, please do the following:

  1. Verify that you are connecting to the appropriate URL. 
    1. If you are connecting to the incorrect URL, please uninstall the application and re-install using the MSI file. See Uninstall above.
  2. Verify if you need to connect to the server through a proxy server. If so, additional configuration is required. See Configure Server Access through Proxy.
  3. Check your firewall settings.

"Does Not Support Your Browser" error

This error message indicates that you are trying to connect to an instance of the server that does not support the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application. Please verify that your connection URL is pointed to a supported instance of the server.

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