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Use the Workspace Users page to add, suspend, or remove users from the workspace. You can also reset passwords and change roles.

Figure: Workspace Users Page


  • Click one of the tabs to display all users of the workspace or a filtered list of active, invited, or suspended users. 
  • Pending invitations can be reviewed in the Invited tab.


  • Name: Display name for the user
  • Email: Username (email address of users)
  • Status: Current status of the user: ActiveInvited, or Suspended.
  • Last login: Timestamp for the last time that the user logged in to the workspace


  • Invite users: See Workspace Users below.
  • Search: Enter text to begin searching for specific user usernames.
  • Sort: Click a column name to sort the list of users in ascending or descending order.

Context menu actions:

For each user, you can perform the following actions in the context menu:

  • Configure storage: If per-user access is enabled for the workspace, you can configure the access credentials for individual users, either using key-secret combinations or IAM roles. For more information, see Configure Your Access to S3.

  • Reset password: Self-service password reset is enabled by default. If enabled, click this option to send an email to the user to reset his or her password.
  • Change admin role: Change the role of the user. See User roles below.
  • Suspend member: When a workspace member (user) is suspended, the user cannot access the workspace. 
    • The suspended user still counts against the workspace limit.
    • All of the user's flows and datasets are retained.
    • Resources such as connections and flows that are owned by the user become inaccessible to workspace users that have access.  
  • Remove: When a user is removed, the user's account, including all assets such as imported datasets, samples, and recipes, are removed from the workspace.

    • At time of removal, you can choose to transfer ownership of the user's assets to another user. If those assets are not transferred, they are removed with the user's account.

      If you must recover a removed user or that user's assets, please contact Alteryx Support within 14 days of the deletion.

Workspace Users

To invite users to your workspace, please do the following:

NOTE: When a user accepts your invitation, the additional user counts toward the maximum number of permitted users of the workspace.

NOTE: If you are re-inviting a user who has been removed, you must wait 14 days to invite the user back to the same workspace and retain the user's data. If restoring the user's flows and recipes is not important, please contact Alteryx Support for immediate re-instatement.



  1. Click Invite Users
  2. Create a comma-separated list of valid email addresses. 
  3. Click Invite Users.
  4. Invitations are sent to the listed email addresses. 
  5. Users must click the link in the email to join the workspace.

Workspace Roles

Users can have one of the following roles:

NOTE: Users whose roles have changed may be logged out of the application. When they log in again, the new roles are applied.

MemberA member can import data, create recipes and samples, and generate results within the workspace.
AdminAn admin has all of the member privileges, as well as the ability to administer the workspace.

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