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Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Wrangler Pro is no longer available. Please visit this page instead: Data Quality Rules Reference



This section contains reference information on the data quality rules that are available in Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta®

Data quality rules can be applied to your dataset through the Transformer page. See Data Quality Rules Panel.

For more information on data quality, see Overview of Data Quality.



Column values must be unique.


Source column values imply the values of a target column. For each unique source value, there should be exactly one implied target value.

Not Missing

Column values must not be missing. Null values and empty strings are not allowed.

Not Null

Column values must not be null. Empty strings are allowed.


Column values must be valid instances of a data type.


Column values must match a pattern.

Not Match

Column values must not match a pattern.

Starts With

Column values must start with a pattern.

Ends With

Column values must end with a pattern.


Column values must equal a provided value.

Not Equal

Column values must not equal a provided value.

In Range

Column values must lie between provided minimum and maximum values.

Greater Than

Column values must be greater than a minimum value.

Less Than

Column values must be less than a maximum value.

In Set

Column values must be one of a set of acceptable values.

Not In Set

Column values must not be one of a set of unacceptable values.


Apply a custom data quality rule formula.

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