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Scheduled Maintenance: will be offline for maintenance at 3:00pm UTC on Tuesday March 28 for about 15 minutes.

NOTE:  Designer Cloud Educational is a free product with limitations on its features. Some features in the documentation do not apply to this product edition. See Product Limitations.



The following changes have been applied to  Wrangle in this release of Designer Cloud Educational.

Release 8.2


Release 7.10

New functions

Function NameDescription
EOMONTH Function

Returns the serial date number for the last day of the month before or after a specified number of months from a starting date.

Release 7.9

Transform Builder now supports All columns option

Beginning in Release 7.9, select All columns option has been added in the Transform Builder. 

Option NameDescription

Selects all columns in the dataset


Transformation Name Rename columns
Parameter: Option Add suffix
Parameter: Columns All
Parameter: Suffix _new

The following is the list of the transformations that accept the All option for selecting columns:

  • Date format

  • Delete columns

  • Move columns

  • Rename column

  • Replace

  • Replace text or patterns

  • Replace cells

  • Replace text between delimiters

  • Replace by position

  • Replace mismatched values

  • Replace missing values

  • Edit with formula

  • Change column type

  • Text format

  • Unpivot columns

For more information, see Transform Builder.

Release 7.8

Rename transform now supports Upper / Lower and Left / Right options

Beginning in Release 7.8, the Rename transform supports the following new options:

Option NameDescription
Convert to lowercase

Converts existing column names to lowercase

Convert to UPPERCASEConverts existing column names to uppercase
Keep from beginning (left)Specifies the number of characters to keep from the beginning of column names
Keep from end (right)Specifies the number of characters to keep from the end of column names

For more information on rename columns, see Rename Columns.

Release 7.5

New Functions

Approximation statistical functions:

Tip: Approximation functions are suitable for larger datasets. As the number of rows increases, accuracy and calculation performance improves for these functions. 

Function NameDescription

Computes the approximate median from all row values in a column or group. Input column can be of Integer or Decimal.


Computes an approximation for a specified percentile across all row values in a column or group. Input column can be of Integer or Decimal.


Computes an approximation for a specified quartile across all row values in a column or group. Input column can be of Integer or Decimal.

base64 encoding functions:

Function NameDescription

Converts an input value to base64 encoding with optional padding with an equals sign (=). Input can be of any type. Output type is String.


Converts an input base64 value to text. Output type is String.

Release 7.4

New Functions

Function NameDescription

Derives the full name from a Datetime value of the corresponding weekday as a String. Source value can be a reference to a column containing Datetime values or a literal.

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