In the Transformer page, you can filter data from display in the data grid or from the dataset permanently.

Filter Dataset

You can apply various tools to remove columns of data and rows based on conditions you define. For more information on how to permanently remove rows and columns of data from the sample and the dataset, see Remove Data.

Filter Data Grid

You can make selections in the data grid interface to filter the sampled data that is displayed in the data grid. 

Depending on your current tasks, you may want to hide columns or rows of the sample, so that you can focus on the task at hand.

NOTE: Data grid filters do not remove any data. They can be used to hide data that is not important for the task at hand. The hidden data is still part of the sample and the full dataset.

Toggle display of columns

Filter the data grid

In the data grid panel, you can apply row- or column-based filters. At the top of the data grid, click Filters. In the Filter panel:

Filter during previews

When you are constructing transforms, the expected results are previewed in the data grid. As needed, you can narrow the display to only the affected rows, columns, or both. Select the appropriate checkbox or checkboxes in the status bar at the bottom of the Transformer page.