Filters the keys and values from an Object data type column based on a specified key value.


Object literal reference example:

filterobject('{"q":"hello","r","there":"q","world"}', 'q')

Output: Returns an Object of key-value pairs for the q key:

{"q":["hello", "world"]}

Column reference example:

filterobject(myObjects, '[k1,k2]')

Output: Returns an Object of key-value pairs for all instances of the k1 and k2 keys.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
obj_colYString or ObjectName of column, function returning an Object, or Object literal to be filtered
keysYArrayArray representing the keys to filter. Each element can be a String, function returning a String, or a reference to a column of String values.


Object literal, name of the Object column, or function returning an Object whose keys you want to extract into an array.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesObject literal, function, or column referencemyObj


This parameter contains an Array of Strings, each of which represents a key whose values are to be returned with the key as the output of the function.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString or Array['key1','key2','key3']

Example - Parsing query parameters from URLs