Computes a four-octet internet protocol (IP) address from a 32-bit integer input.

Source value must be a valid integer within the range specified by the formula below. A valid IPv4 address is in the following format:


NOTE: IPv6 addresses are not supported.

The formula used to compute the integer equivalent of an IP address is the following:

(aaa * 2563) + (bbb * 2562) + (ccc * 256) + (ddd) 

So, the formula to compute this IP address is the following:


aaa = floor(Input / (256 3 ))

remainderA = Input - aaa

bbb = floor(remainderA / (256 2 ))

remainderB = remainderA - bbb

ccc = floor(remainderB / 256)

remainderC = remainderB - ccc

ddd = remainderC

Output value:

Output = aaa + '.' + bbb + '.' + ccc + '.' + ddd

Numeric literal example:


Output: Returns the IP address

Column reference example:


Output: Returns the values of the IpInt column converted to an IP address value. 


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_intYstring or integerName of column or integer literal that is to be converted to an IP address value


Name of the column or integer literal whose values are used to compute the equivalent IP address value.


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesInteger literal or column reference16909060

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