In the Job History page, you can track the status of all of your jobs and plan runs.

Flow Jobs

You can only see jobs for the flows to which you have access in your current environment.

Job History page

Default view:

By default, the displayed jobs are:

Job Tabs:



Context menu:

Next to the job listing, click the options menu to see the following:

Additional options are available for each job. See Job Details Page.

Job Types

Each job listed in the Job History page is a grouping of related jobs acting on the same recipe and dataset(s). Each of these jobgroups breaks down into one or more of the following job types.

Tip: To review the status of individual jobs within a jobgroup, hover over the icons in the Status column for the jobgroup.

Job Status

In the Status dropdown, each option corresponds to a possible status for jobs that have been initiated on the platform.  

NOTE: Invalid steps in a recipe are skipped, and it's still possible for the job to be executed successfully.

NOTE: A warning icon may indicate that recipe errors were detected during the transform phase. You can hover over the icon for more information.

NOTE: You can re-run a failed job. If you have since modified the recipe, those changes are applied during the second run. 

Filter Jobs

To filter the list of jobs based on dates or source of execution, click the Funnel icon. You can use the following dialog to filter the display of jobs.

Filter Jobs dialog




Change default filter:

An administrator can change the default number of days that are displayed.