Problem - Unable to access customer encryption key

When trying to create, edit, or test a relational connection, you may receive the following error message:

400 - Encryption Key Error. Please Contact Administrator:
Unable to access customer encryption key.

In the command line interface, this error message might be the following:

REST Error: {u'exception': {u'message': u'Encryption Key Error. Please Contact Administrator', u'name': u'EncryptionKeyException', u'details': u'Unable to Access customer encryption key.'}}

You are unable to access the relational source.


The encryption keyfile is missing from the , or the keyfile has been moved without updating the platform of the new location.

You must create and deploy this keyfile, which is required for ensuring that encrypted usernames and passwords are used in relational connections.

NOTE: This keyfile must be created and deployed before any relational connections are created. Deployment requires access to the file system on the .

After you have deployed the keyfile, you must configure the platform to point to its location. A platform restart is not required. 

For more information, see Enable Relational Connections.

Problem - Retrieving sample data for large relational tables is very slow

In some cases, you may experience slow performance in reading from database tables, or previews of large imported datasets are timing out. 


In these cases, you can experiment with the number of records that are imported per database read. By default, this value is 25000

To improve performance, you can modify the following setting. 

"data-service.sqlOptions.limitedReadStreamRecords": 25000, 

To improve performance, you can try lowering this limit incrementally. Avoid raising this limit over 100000, which can overwhelm the browser. 

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