This section contains information on how to configure the instances of the  in your network environment. The  is a desktop application that can be installed locally. For more information, see Install for Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise Application


The  can be configured to access multiple instances of the 

Tip: Apply this configuration change to each to which you would like users to be able to connect. In the list of URLs, you should list the preferred server first.

NOTE: All instances of the must be on the same domain.


  1. Locate the following parameters and modify. Example values are listed below:

    "hostNameSelection.hostUrls": [],
    "hostNameSelection.enabled": false,
  2. Set the enabled flag to true. This flag enables the drop-down selector on application startup.
  3. Provide the URLs to the available instances of the . The configuration should look like the following:

    "hostNameSelection.hostUrls": ["",
  4. Items are listed in the drop-down in the order listed here. 
  5. Save your changes and restart the platform.