Returns true if the argument evaluates to false, and vice-versa. Equivalent to the ! operator.

Since the function returns a Boolean value, it can be used as a function or a conditional.

NOTE: Within an expression, you might choose to use the corresponding operator, instead of this function. For more information, see Logical Operators.


derive type:single value: NOT(customerHappiness > 70) as:'contactCustomer'

Output: If the value in the customerHappiness column is not greater than 70 then the value in the new contactCustomer column is true. Otherwise, the value is false

derive type:single value:NOT(value1)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
value1YstringThe value must be a Boolean literal, column reference, or expression that evaluates to true or false.


Expression, column reference or literal that evaluates to a Boolean value.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesFunction or column reference returning a Boolean value or Boolean literalmyHeight > 2.00

Example - Logical Functions