Computes the degrees of an input value measuring the radians of an angle. The value can be a Decimal or Integer literal or a reference to a column containing numeric values.

Numeric literal example:

derive type:single value: ROUND(DEGREES(1.0000),4)

Output: Generates a column containing the computation in degrees of 1.0000 radians, which is 57.2728

Column reference example:

derive type:single value: DEGREES(myRads) as: myDegrees'

Output: Generates the new myDegrees column containing the conversion of the values in MyRads column to degrees. 

derive type:single value: DEGREES(numeric_value)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
numeric_valueYstring, decimal, or integerName of column, Decimal or Integer literal, or function returning those types to apply to the function


Name of the column, Integer or Decimal literal, or function returning that data type to apply to the function.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference) or Integer or Decimal literal3.14

Example - DEGREES and RADIANS functions