Derives the value for the current date in UTC time zone. You can specify a different time zone by optional parameter.

For this function, the values that you see in the Transformer grid are generated during the preview. These values will differ from the values that are generated later, when the job is executed.

NOTE: Some Datetime functions do not allow the nesting of NOW and TODAY functions. You should create a separate column containing these values.

Other differences:

Tip: If you wish to use the same computed value for this function across your dataset, you should generate a column containing values for the function and then base all of your other calculations off of these column values.

NOTE: If no time zone is specified, the default is UTC time zone.

For more information on generating the date and time stamp value for the current time, see NOW Function.

Basic Example:

derive type:single value:TODAY() as:'nowTime'

Output: Generates a column of values that contain the Datetime value for the current date in UTC time zone.

Example with Time Zone:

derive type:single value:TODAY('America/New York') as:'nowTime'

Output: Generates a column of values that contain the Datetime value for the current date based on the time in the Eastern U.S. time zone.

derive type:single value:TODAY(str_timezone)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
str_timezoneNstringString value for the time zone for which the date value is calculated.


String value for the time zone to use.

For a list of supported values for time zones, see Supported Time Zone Values.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
NoString'America/New York'

Example - Flight Status report