When you choose to add a new step to your recipe, the Search panel opens in the context panel. Enter text or browse the available transformations to begin building your next step.

Search Panel
The available transformations cover many basic and advanced steps based on a transform, function, or higher-level transformation.

Tip: If you are familiar with transforms, you can enter the transform name in the search bar. For example, type window.

Tip: You can paste raw transforms into the Search textbox. For example, you can select a recipe step in the Recipe panel, select Copy to Clipboard from the context menu, and then paste it back into the Search textbox and then modify to create a slightly different version of an existing step.

After you have selected the transformation to build, the Transform Builder is pre-populated with the required parameters to begin specifying the transformation. Parameters are based on the currently selected context in the data grid or column browser. 

For more information, see Transform Builder.