Generates an array containing all elements that appear in multiple input arrays, referenced as column names or array literals.

Array literal reference example:

derive type:single value:ARRAYINTERSECT([["A","B","C"],["A","D","E"]])

Output: Generates a single array with a single element:


Column reference example:

derive type:single value:ARRAYINTERSECT([array1,array2]) as:'intersect_Array'

Output: Generates a new intersect_Array column containing a single array listing all of the elements that appear in both array1 and array2 in order.

derive type:single value:ARRAYINTERSECT(array_ref1,array_ref2)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
array_ref1Ystring or arrayName of first column or first array literal to apply to the function
array_ref2Ystring or arrayName of second column or second array literal to apply to the function

array_ref1, array_ref2

Array literal or name of the array column whose intersection you want to derive. You can intersect two or more array columns together.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesArray literal or column referencemyArray1, myArray2

Example - Simple intersection example