This section covers key known limitations of 

NOTE: This list of limitations should not be considered complete.

General Limitations

Data Volume

The  applies no fixed limits to the number of columns or rows that can be handled during transformation.

NOTE: During transformation, is designed to process data volumes of any size.

However, some important considerations:

Soft row limits

See Sampling below.

Soft column limits



NOTE: Some functions do not correctly account for multi-byte characters. Multi-byte metadata values may not be consistently managed.

Size Limits

Upload File Size Limits

Limitations by Product Edition

Limitations for subscription editions

For more specific limitations on each product edition, see .

Limitations for

NOTE: is a free product that is not intended for production uses. High volume or complex transformations, such as lookups, unions, pivots, or joins may cause the application to crash. If you are encountering persistent issues with this free product, please contact your .

Other Limitations