This guide steps through the requirements and process for upgrading  through the AWS Marketplace. 

NOTE: These instructions apply only to  available the AWS Marketplace. For upgrades of that was installed from the AWS Marketplace, see Upgrade for AWS Marketplace with EMR.

Otherwise, please contact your for upgrade instructions.

Upgrade Path

This upgrade process supports upgrade for the following versions:

Source VersionTarget Upgrade Version



If you are upgrading from a version that is earlier than the supported Source Version listed above for this upgrade process, please use the links below to acquire the AMI(s) and documentation to upgrade to the earliest supported Source Version. Then, return to these instructions to complete the process.

Your VersionTarget VersionAMIDocumentation



Please see the AWS Marketplace listing for the product. The AMI is accessible from there.Trifacta Install Guide for AWS Marketplace v5.0



Back up data from Marketplace instance

Before you begin, you should back up your current Marketplace instance.

  1. SSH to your current Marketplace instance. For more information, see Install from AWS Marketplace.

  2. Stop the  on your current Marketplace instance:

    sudo service trifacta stop
  3. Update the backup script with a more current version:
    1. Download the backup script from the following location:
    2. Example command to download the script:

      curl --output
    3. Overwrite the downloaded script to the following location:

    4. Verify that this script is executable:

      sudo chmod 775 /opt/trifacta/bin/setup-utils/
  4. Run the backup script:

    sudo /opt/trifacta/bin/setup-utils/


    1. When the script is complete, the output identifies the location of the backup. Example:

  5. Store the backup in a safe location. If needed, you can store this backup in the S3 bucket used by the platform. Example:

    aws s3 cp /opt/trifacta-backups/trifacta-backup-5.0+126.20171217124021.a8ed455-20180514213601.tgz s3://<my-trifacta-s3-bucket>/trifacta-backups/

Spin up upgraded Marketplace instance and restore data

In this section, you spin up the upgraded instance and then restore the data that you have backed up into the instance.


  1. Spin up the new instance of from the AWS Marketplace.

    NOTE: For upgrading the product, the new instance must be installed directly through EC2. You cannot install the new version using the CloudFormation template, which overwrites your security roles and policies.

    If possible, this new instance should be in the same VPC as the old instance. If this new instance is in a different VPC than your current instance, you must ensure that both VPCs can tunnel to each other.

    The new instance also must have access to the S3 bucket where you are storing your backup from the old instance.

    For more information on installation, see Install from AWS Marketplace.

  2. Verify that the instance has successfully started. If you can connect to the login page, the platform has started.
  3. SSH to the new AWS Marketplace instance. See Install from AWS Marketplace.
  4. Stop the  on the instance:

    sudo service trifacta stop
  5. Set up restore script:

    1. The restore script is in the following location:

    2. Verify that it is executable:

      sudo chmod 775 /opt/trifacta/bin/setup-utils/
  6. Download the backup from your storage location and extract its contents. Example:

    sudo mkdir -p /root/trifacta-restore-files
    sudo cd /root/trifacta-restore-files
    sudo aws s3 cp s3://<my-trifacta-s3-bucket>/trifacta-backups/trifacta-backup-5.0+126.20171217124021.a8ed455-20180514213601.tgz .
    sudo tar xzf trifacta-backup-5.0+126.20171217124021.a8ed455-20180514213601.tgz
  7. The backup contents should be located in a directory with a path similar to the following:

  8. Execute the restore script. Pass in the path to your unzipped backup as a parameter. Example:

    sudo /opt/trifacta/bin/setup-utils/ -r /root/trifacta-restore-files/trifacta-backup-5.1+126.20171217124021.a8ed455-20180514213601
  9. The backup is restored into your new installation.


The upgrade is complete. To verify:


  1. Restart the platform:

    sudo service trifacta start
  2. Run a simple job. It can have a single step in the recipe. 

    NOTE: Please verify that profiling is enabled. If the job fails with profiling, retry it without profiling, which may assist in troubleshooting any issues.

  3. Verify that the job has successfully completed. 
    1. In the Jobs page, locate the job results. See Jobs Page.
    2. Click View Details next to the job to review the profile.


You can access complete product documentation online and in PDF format. From within the product, select Help menu > Product Docs.

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