Through the Share Connection window, owners of the selected connection can modify who has access to the connection.

Tip: A workspace administrator has owner-level access to all connections in the workspace. However, a workspace admin cannot access or use a connection's credentials if those credentials were not shared by the owner of the connection. For more information, see Workspace Admin Permissions.

Share Connection Window


Find users:

You may be able to browse a list of all user names.

NOTE: This feature may need to be enabled in your environment. For more information, see Workspace Settings Page.

Set access level:

As needed, you can configure the level of access to the connection for users with whom the connection is shared.

NOTE: You cannot set a user's access to a level that is higher than the limit set for the user at the workspace level. For example, if the user has Viewer access to connections at the workspace level, you cannot make the user an Editor on your connection.

NOTE: Administrators have Owner-level access to all connections in the workspace or project. You do not need to share connections with them.

For more information, see Overview of Sharing.


Invite only - Connection can be made available to other users only by invitation through this window.

Public - Connection is available to all workspace users who can access connections.

NOTE: Only an administrator can make a connection public.

NOTE: After a connection is made public, it cannot be made private again. It must be deleted and recreated.


To save your sharing changes, click Save.