Deletes a set of rows in your dataset, based on a condition specified in the row expression. If the conditional expression is true, then the row is deleted. 

The delete transform is the opposite of the keep transform. See Keep Transform.

delete row:(dateAge >= 90)

Output: For each row in the dataset, if the value in the dateAge column is greater than or equal to 90, the row is deleted. 

delete row:(expression)

TokenRequired?Data TypeDescription
deleteYtransformName of the transform
rowYstringExpression identifying the row or rows to delete. If expression evaluates to true for a row, the row is removed.  



delete row: (lastContactDate < 01/01/2010 || status == 'Inactive')

Output: Deletes any row in the dataset where the lastContactDate is before January 1, 2010 or the status is Inactive

Required?Data Type
YesExpression that evaluates to true or false

Example - Remove old products and keep new orders