Generates the Unicode index value for the first character of the input string.

Column reference example:

derive type:single value:UNICODE(MyChar)

Output: The Unicode index value for the first character in the MyChar column is written to the new column. 

String literal example:

derive type:single value:UNICODE('A')

Output: The integer 65 is written to the new column.

derive type:single value:UNICODE(column_string)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_stringYstringName of the column or string literal the Unicode value of which is generated


Name of the column or string literal, the first character of which is converted to its corresponding Unicode value.

NOTE: If the input string contains multiple characters, the first character is mapped to its Unicode value, and the rest are ignored.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column referencemyColumn

Example - char and unicode functions