Merges the elements of an array in left to right order into a string. Values are optionally delimited by a provided delimiter.

Array literal reference example:

derive type:single value:ARRAYMERGEELEMENTS(["A","B","C","D"],"-")

Output: Generates a new column with the following String value in it: "A-B-C-D"

Column reference example:

derive type:single value:ARRAYMERGEELEMENTS([myValues) as:myValuesMergedTogether'

Output: Generates the new myValuesMergedTogether column containing all of the elements in the arrays in the myElement column joined together without a delimiter between them.

derive type:single value:ARRAYMERGEELEMENTS(array_ref,my_element, [string_delimiter])

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
array_refYarrayName of Array column, Array literal, or function returning an Array to apply to the function
string_delimiterYstringOptional String delimiter to insert between merged elements in the output String.


Name of the array column, array literal, or function whose elements you wish to merge.


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference or function) or array literalmyArray1


Optional string value to insert between elements in the merged output string.


Required?Data TypeExample Value

Example - Podium Race Finishes