Browser Requirements

These requirements apply to , which interacts with the platform through the browser.

Access to the platform requires Google Chrome. For more information, see

NOTE: Parts of the application may become hidden or distorted unless zoom level is set to 100%.

NOTE: In some cases, ad blocking extensions in your Google Chrome browser, such as AdBlock, can interfere with loading . You may need to disable the extension, particularly if you are loading marketing data.

Google Chrome Requirements

 requires the use of Google-supported client extensions. Supported desktop Google Chrome clients:

WebAssembly client extension

No other configuration is required.

Tip: WebAssembly is the default client deployed by the platform.


In this release, the following limitations apply to use of WebAssembly:

Version: Google Chrome v.72, v.73

NOTE: Mobile browsers and Google Chromebook are not supported.



By default, the web client uses port 3005.


Desktop Requirements

The following requirements apply to your local system.

General Requirements