In the Transformer page, you identify the data that you need to transform and build your transformation recipes on samples taken from your currently selected dataset. When you make changes to your transformation recipe, those changes are immediately applied to your sample, so that you can preview the results of your recipe before you run it against the entire dataset. In this manner, you can quickly build and iterate on the transformations applied to your data.

Transformer Page

Page Uses

Identify and Select Data

In the main panel of the Transformer page, you can select one or more elements of sampled data, which prompts suggestions for steps that you can apply to transform them. Each of these views provides a different perspective on your data, and the results of any subsequent steps that you select or configure are previewed by default in the data grid:

Tip: Click one or more column headings to be prompted for suggestions that apply to the selected column or columns.

PanelDescriptionRecommended Uses
Transformer Toolbar A toolbar of common transformations, filters, and other operations.Use the tools in these drop-downs to quickly build common recipe steps.
Data Grid By default, the Transformer page displays previews in a columnar grid, which is the default view. Click Grid.Use for examining values in a column with appropriate surrounding context. How do missing values in one column compare to values in another column?
Column Details

For additional statistical information on individual columns, select Column Details from the drop-down next to the column title.

Explore values in an individual column, when their context in other rows is not necessary. Useful for managing outliers, reviewing mean, min, and max values.
Column Browser

Use the Column Browser to select the columns to display and review data across columns. Click Columns.

Navigate between columns and toggle their display in the data grid. Good for high-level perspective. Use histograms for selection of ranges of values.

Context Panel Depending on the state or the current selection of the data grid, the right side of the page displays one of several contextual panels. These panels cover recipes, suggestions, steps, and more. See below.

Review recipe and edit, create, or delete recipe steps.Review and create samples.

Get Statistics

You can use the following methods for acquiring statistics on your dataset sample or individual columns in your sample:

Context Panel

The following actions are applied through the context panel on the right side of the screen. See Context Panel.

Build Recipes

Use the following methods to add or modify recipe steps in the Transformer page:

Tip: To add a new recipe step, press CTRL/COMMAND + K. Enter a search string for your transformation step.

Generate Samples

For larger datasets, the Transformer page displays a sample of them, which you use as representative data to build your recipe. As needed, you can generate a new sample, which is useful for polishing your recipe.

For more information, see Samples Panel.

Launch Jobs

Run jobs: To run a job that executes the transform recipe currently in the Transformer page across the entire dataset, click Run Job. See Run Job Page.

Transformer Bar

The Transformer page contains menus that are different from the standard .