Please complete the following steps in the Azure portal to create a Key Vault and to associate it with the .

NOTE: A Key Vault is required for use with the .

Create Key Vault in Azure


  1. Log into the Azure portal.
  2. Goto:
  3. Complete the form for creating a new Key Vault resource:
    1. Name: Provide a reasonable name for the resource. Example:


      Or, you can use trifacta.

    2. Location: Pick the location used by the HDI cluster.
    3. For other fields, add appropriate information based on your enterprise's preferences.
  4. To create the resource, click Create.

    NOTE: Retain the DNS Name value for later use.

Enable Key Vault access for the 


In the Azure portal, you must assign access policies for application principal of the  to access the Key Vault.


  1. In the Azure portal, select the Key Vault you created. Then, select Access Policies.
  2. In the Access Policies window, select the .
  3. Click Add Access Policy.
  4. Select the following secret permissions (at a minimum):
    1. Get
    2. Set
    3. Delete
  5. Select the .
  6. Assign the policy you just created to that principal.