Job Types

The following types of jobs can be executed in :

For more information, see Run Job Page.

Identify Job Failures

When a job fails to execute, a failure message appears in following locations:

The following is an example from the Jobs page:

Publish job failed

In the above example, the Transform and Profile jobs completed, but the Publish job failed. In this case, the results exist and, if the source of the problem is diagnosed, they can be published separately.From the job's context menu, select Download Logs. You can download the jobs logs to look for reasons for the failure. See Review Logs below.

Jobs that Hang

In some cases, a job may stay in a pending state indefinitely. Typically, these errors are related to a failure of the job tracking service. You can try to the following:

Try Other Job Options

You can try to re-execute the job using different options.


Tip: The Photon running environment is not suitable for jobs on large datasets. You should accept the running environment recommended in the Run Job page.

Review Logs

Job logs

In the listing for the job on the Jobs page, click Download Logs to send the job-related logs to your local desktop.

NOTE: If encryption has been enabled for log downloads, you must be an administrator to see a clear-text version of the jobs listed below.

For more information, see Configure Support Bundling.

When you unzip the ZIP file, you should see a numbered folder with the internal identifier for your job on it. If you executed a transform job and a profile job, the ZIP contains two numbered folders with the lower number representing the transform job.

job.log. Review this log file for information on how the job was handled by the application.

Tip: Search this log file for error.

Support bundle: If support bundling has been enabled in your environment, the support-bundle folder contains a set of configuration and log files that can be useful for debugging job failures.

Tip: Please include this bundle with any request for assistance to .

For more information on configuring the support bundle, see Configure Support Bundling.

For more information on the bundle contents, see Support Bundle Contents.


NOTE: You must be an administrator to access these logs. These logs are included when an administrator downloads logs for a failed job. See above.

On the , these logs are located in the following directory:


This directory contains the following logs:

Hadoop logs

In addition to these logs, you can also use the Hadoop job logs to troubleshoot job failures.

Contact Support

If you are unable to diagnose your job failure, please contact 

NOTE: When you contact support about a job failure, please be sure to download and include the entire zip file, your recipe, and (if possible) your dataset.