Calculates the number of working days between two specified dates, assuming Monday - Friday workweek. Optional list of holidays can be specified.

networkdays(StartDate, EndDate)

Output: Returns the number of working days between StartDate and EndDate.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
date1YdatetimeStarting date to compare
date2YdatetimeEnding date to compare
array_holidayNarrayAn array of string values representing the valid dates of holidays.

date1, date2

Date values can be column references or output of the DATE function or the TIME function.

Date values to compared in working days.

If date1 and date2 have a specified time zone offset, the function calculates the difference including the timezone offsets.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesDatetime (Column reference or date output of DATE or TIME function)LastContactDate


An array containing the list of holidays, which are factored in the calculation of working days.

Values in the array must be in either of the following formats:


Required?Data TypeExample Value

Example - Date diffing functions