After the  has been installed, you must complete the configuration steps listed here before starting the platform. Please complete the steps that apply to your deployment of the .

If you are using a PDF version of this content, please complete the following configuration with the Configuration Guide PDF reference available.

Configuration Interfaces

To review the interfaces for configuration that are available through the , please complete the following steps.


  1. Login to the application. See Login.
  2. The primary configuration interface is the Admin Settings page. From the left menu, select User menu > Admin console > Admin settings. For more information, see Admin Settings Page in the Admin Guide.

    NOTE: In the Admin Settings page, you should do the following configuration steps:

    1. Configure password criteria. See Configure Password Criteria in the Admin Guide.
    2. Change the Admin password. See Change Admin Password in the Configuration Guide.
  3. Workspace-level configuration can also be applied. From the left menu, select User menu > Admin console > Workspace settings. For more information, see Workspace Settings Page in the Admin Guide.

Containerized Installs

This section does not apply if you are using a containerized version of the software. Containerized versions: