You can create a connection to a Microsoft Azure SQL database from the . This section describes how to create connections of this type.




This connection can also be created using the following property substitutions via API. 

Please create an Azure SQL Database connection and then specify the following properties with the listed values:

Enter your hostname. Example:
PortSet this value to 1433.
Connect String options

Please insert the following as a single string (no line breaks):


Tip: If you have access to the Azure SQL database through the Azure Portal, please copy the Connect String from that configuration. You may omit the username and password from that version of the string.

(optional) Name of the Azure SQL database to which you are connecting.
User Name(for basic Credential Type) Username to use to connect to the database.
Password(for basic Credential Type) Password associated with the above username.
Credential Type
  • basic - Specify username and password as part of the connection

Default Column Data Type Inference

Set to disabled to prevent the from applying its own type inference to each column on import. The default value is enabled .

Configure for SSO

If you have enabled Azure AD SSO integration for the , you can create SSO connections to Azure relational databases. See Enable SSO for Azure Relational Connections


For more information, see Database Browser.

Data Conversion

For more information on how values are converted during input and output with this database, see SQL Server Data Type Conversions.