supports a tier-based scheme for applying locale settings. 

NOTE: Locale settings apply only to the inference and validation of data in the . Underlying data is not affected by changing locale.

NOTE: After saving changes to your locale, refresh your page. Subsequent executions of the data inference service use the new locale settings.

NOTE: When locale is changed, data type validation is affected only on subsequent executions of the data type inference service. If you are using structured datasets, such as schematized JDBC sources, data types may be attached to the datasets that you have already imported. These data types are not affected.

SystemThe default locale for the system is United States.
WorkspaceFor all members of the workspace, administrators can be configure the locale setting. See Workspace Settings Page.

Individual users can choose their own locale settings. For more information, see User Profile Page.

Supported Locales

The following locales are available:

Product Areas Affected by Locale