The Users page enables adding, disabling, or removing users from your project or workspace. You can also reset passwords and change roles.

Users Page




Context menu actions:

For each user, you can perform the following actions in the context menu:

Disable: When a user is disabled, the user cannot access the .


Users can be set to one of the following statuses:

Invite Users

To invite users to your project or workspace, please do the following:

NOTE: When a user accepts your invitation, the additional user counts toward the maximum number of permitted users.

NOTE: If you are re-inviting a user who has been removed, you must wait 14 days to invite the user back to the same project or workspace and retain the user's data. If restoring the user's assets is not important, please contact for immediate re-instatement.

 For more information, see Invite Users.

Edit Users

To modify a user account, please complete the following steps.

NOTE: For security reasons, an administrator is not permitted to edit some settings in the administrator's own account.


  1. Locate the user in the list of users.
  2. In the context menu on the right side of the user's listing, select Edit.
  3. In the Edit User dialog, modify the following properties as needed:

Name: The display name of the user.

Email: The email address is used as the login identifier. This value cannot be modified.

Roles: Select or remove the roles to assign to the user. For more information, see Roles Page.


Users can have one of the following roles..

NOTE: Users whose roles have changed may be logged out of the application. When they log in again, the new roles are applied.

For more information, see Privileges and Roles Reference.


A user with the default role has basic privileges to use the product.

Workspace admin

A user with the Workspace admin role all user privileges, as well as the ability to administer the workspace.

Custom role

As needed, you can create custom roles. For more information, Create Role.