After you have created a macro, you can apply it into any of your recipes.

Insert in Recipe


  1. Through Flow View, edit the recipe into which you are inserting the macro.
  2. In the Recipe panel, click the recipe cursor to the location where you are inserting it. 
  3. In the Transformer toolbar, click the Macros icon.

    Tip: In the Search panel in the Transform Builder, you can search for Macro and then select the macro to use.

  4. Search for and select the macro to insert. The macro is displayed in the Transform Builder.
  5. Specify any macro input values required for the macro.

    NOTE: Macro input values must be literal values. Use of flow parameters or metadata references is not supported.

  6. To add the macro to the recipe, click Add.
  7. The macro is added as an Apply step.

Modify a Macro Instance

After a macro has been added to your recipe, the following options are available in the Apply step's context menu:

Replace the macro definition

If you want to modify the steps in your macro, please do the following:

  1. Convert the macro to steps.
  2. Perform your modifications to the steps. You can add or remove steps, too.
  3. Select all of the steps that are to be used in the new version of the macro. 
  4. From the context menu, select Create or replace macro.