The Flows page displays the flows to which you have access and lets you create, review, and manage them. A flow is an object for bringing together and organizing the datasets, recipes, and other objects that you use to generate your results.


  1. To work with pre-defined templates, click Templates. The templates dialog is displayed.
  2. From the templates dialog, select the required template that matches your use case. For more information on these templates, please visit
To use the selected template, click USE IN TRIFACTA.

The template is opened in Flow View.

For more information, see Start with a Template.

You can organize your flows into folders. A folder is simply a container for your flows. To create a folder, click Create. Then, select Create Folder. For more information, see "Flows" below.

Flows Page

All flows tab

This tab includes all flows accessible to the user, either as owner or collaborator.

Owned by me tab

This tab contains the flows that you have created.



Flow options:

The following options are available on the right side of a flow's entry:

Shared with me tab

If other users have shared flows with you, you can access them through the Shared with Me tab. Available options are very similar to the Owned by Me tab.

When a flow is shared with you, you are a collaborator in the flow. There are a few restrictions on how you can interact with a shared flow and its assets. See Overview of Sharing.


You can use folders to organize your flows. For example, you can use folders to group flows by project, by source of data, or by other meaningful grouping.

Moving a flow to a folder



Folder options:

For folders, the following options are available in the context menu.