An unstructured dataset is an imported dataset that does not contain any initial parsing steps. All parsing steps must be added through recipes that are applied to the dataset. During the import process, you disable the initial steps that are applied to imported datasets. Instead, these steps are added as the first steps of the auto-generated recipe that appears with the dataset in Flow View.

Unstructured Dataset icons

Icon context menu

The following menu options are available when you click plus icon next to the unstructured dataset:

Details options

Tip: You can also right-click the unstructured dataset to view all the menu options.

Unstructured Dataset view

Key Fields:

Data Preview: In the Data Preview window, you can see a small section of the data that is contained in the imported dataset. This window can be useful for verifying that you are looking at the proper data.

Tip: Click the preview to open a larger dialog, where you can select and copy data.

Type: Indicates where the data is sourced or the type of file.

Location: Path to the location of the imported dataset.

File Size: Size of the file. Units may vary.