Computes the hyperbolic sine of an input value for a hyperbolic angle measured in radians. The value can be a Decimal or Integer literal or a reference to a column containing numeric values.

A hyperbola is the shape created by taking a planar slice of two cones whose tips are touching each other. For two identical cones, the curves of the slices mirror each other, no matter the angle of the plane through the cones.

The hyperbolic sine (SINH) function is computed using the following formula:

Hyperbolic cosecant:

The hyperbolic cosecant is the following:

You can convert from degrees to radians. For more information, see RADIANS Function.

Numeric literal example:


Output: Returns the computation of the hyperbolic sine of a 30-degree angle, which is converted to radians before being passed to the SINH function. The output value is rounded to three decimals: 0.548.

Column reference example:


Output: Returns the hyperbolic sine of the radians values in X column.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
numeric_valueYstring, decimal, or integerName of column, Decimal or Integer literal, or function returning those types to apply to the function


Name of the column, Integer or Decimal literal, or function returning that data type to apply to the function.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference) or Integer or Decimal literal0.5

Example - Hyperbolic trigonometry functions