Derives the numeric value for the day of the week (1, 2, etc.). Input must be a reference to a column containing Datetime values.

NOTE: If the source Datetime value does not include a valid input for this function, a missing value is returned.

Tip: You can use the DATEFORMAT function to generate text versions of the day of the week. See Examples below.

Column reference example:


Output: Returns the numeric weekday values derived from the MyDate column.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
datetime_colYdatetimeName of column whose weekday values are to be computed


Name of the column whose day-of-week value is to be computed.

Tip: You cannot insert constant Datetime values as inputs to this function. However, you can use the following: WEEKDAY(DATE(12,20,2017)) .

Required?Data TypeExample Value

Example - Day of Date functions