Removes all characters from a string that are not letters, numbers, accented Latin characters, or whitespace.

NOTE: Non-Latin letters are also removed.

Tip: This function also removes common punctuation, such as the following:

. , ! & ?

To preserve these characters, you might replace them with an alphanumeric text string. For example, the question mark might be replaced by:


After the function has been applied, you can replace these strings with the original values.


Column reference example:


Output: Returns the value in the MyName column value with all non-alphanumeric characters removed. 

String literal example:

removesymbols('Héllõ, Wõrlds!?!?')

Output: Returns the string: Héllõ Wõrlds.

Wildcard example:


Output: Strips all non-alphanumeric or space characters from all columns in the dataset.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_stringYstringName of the column or string literal to be applied to the function


Name of the column or string constant to be trimmed of symbols.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column referencemyColumn

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