reference dataset is a reference to a recipe's outputs that has been added to a flow other than the one where the recipe is located. When a reference dataset is selected, details are available in the context menu.

NOTE: A reference dataset is a read-only object in the flow where it is referenced. You cannot select or use a reference dataset until a reference has been created in the source flow from the recipe to use. For more information, see View for Recipes.

To add a reference dataset:

  1. From the source flow, select the reference object and click Add to Flow in the Details options.
  2. From the Add - Untitled to dialog, where Untitled is the name of the reference object, select the required flow or click Create new flow. For more information, see Create Flow Page.

Reference Dataset icons

Icon context menu

The following menu options are available when you select the plus icon next to the referenced dataset:

Details options

The following options are available in the details context menu when you select a referenced dataset.

Tip: You can also right-click the referenced dataset to view all the menu options.

View for referenced dataset in a new flow

NOTE: Reference datasets marked with a red dot no longer have a source dataset for them in the other flow. These upstream dependencies should be fixed. See Fix Dependency Issues.

When you select a reference dataset in flow view, the following are available in the right-hand panel.

Key Fields:

Source Flow: Flow that contains the dataset. Click the link to open the Flow View page for that dataset.