In , the  browser enables you to browse, specify, and filter the files to which you have access. 

The browser appears in the  tab when you import a dataset. See Import Data Page.

NOTE: Interactions with are determined by user permissions. For more information, see Using Google Cloud Storage.


Browse :

Use the links and icons to browse for files and folders in the  tree structure.

NOTE: Avoid using the Back button on your browser, which exits the browser without applying changes.


BucketClick the link to explore the folders and files stored in the bucket.

  • Click the Plus icon to select all readable files in this folder.
  • Click the text link to open the folder and browse further.

    Tip: When you open a folder, a reference to it is added to the Path value. You can modify the path value manually, which may be a faster way to navigate up a deep directory structure.

    Tip: Sizes are displayed next to files. They are not displayed next to folders.


Click the Plus icon to select this file.


Specify  Path:

In the  browser, you can specify an explicit path to resources. Click the Pencil icon, paste the path value, and click Go.

Filter Files:

To display a subset of files, enter a string in the Search box. The filter is applied as you type and matches anywhere in the name of a currently displayed file or folder.