Removes the specified column or columns permanently from your dataset. 


Single-column example:

drop col:ThisOldColumn action: Drop

Output: Deletes the column named ThisOldColumn.

Multi-column example:

You can specify comma-separated sets of columns. 

drop col: FirstName, MiddleInitial action: Drop

Output: Deletes the columns FirstName and MiddleInitial from your dataset.

Keep example:

The following transform keeps the listed columns and deletes all others in the dataset:

drop col: FirstName, MiddleInitial action: Keep

Output: Dataset only contains FirstName and MiddleInitial columns.

Column range example:

You can also specify ranges of columns using the tilde (~) operator:

drop col:Column1~Column20 action: Drop

Output: Deletes the columns Column1 and Column20 and all columns displayed in between them in the data grid.

drop col:column_ref action: [Drop|Keep]

TokenRequired?Data TypeDescription
dropYtransformName of the transform
colYstringName of the column or expression for columns to delete
actionYstringDrop or Keep the listed columns


Identifies the column or columns to which to apply the transform. You can specify one column or more columns.

Required?Data Type
YesString (column name)


Identifies whether the action performed by the transformation:

Required?Data Type
YesString (Drop or Keep)

See above.