This section provides an overview of sharing plans with other users for collaboration on the same plan.

You can share plans with one or more users to work together on the same plan. You can share the plan through the Plans page.



When a user is provided access to a plan, the user becomes a  collaborator  on the plan and is assigned a subset of the permissions assigned to the  owner  of the plan.  If the user has minimal permissions for overall plans then sharing the plan as collaborator would be downgraded. 

NOTE: A collaborator on a plan cannot delete the plan.

NOTE: In addition to the shared plan, you must have collaborator access to all underlying flows to execute a plan.

For more information, see Overview of Sharing .


  1. From the context menu of the Plans page, select Share.
  2. In the Share dialog box, add users as collaborators for the plan; start typing the name of a user or enter the email address of the user with whom you would want to share the plan. 

  3. Repeat the process to add multiple users.

    NOTE: For privacy and security reasons, search option is not available in the Share dialog.

  4. Click Save.