To assist administrators in managing configuration, these section provides a per-release set of updates to configuration.

Release Updates

Release 8.2

Photon running environment now enabled through Admin console

You can now enable or disable Photon execution through the Admin console.
For more information, see Dataprep Project Settings Page.

Removed settings

The features for the following settings are now a part of the core product and can no longer be disabled. These settings have been removed.

SettingsSetting DescriptionNotes

Detect maximum column count in XLSX sheet

When you have enabled the Apache POI method for converting Excel files, you can enable this feature to force the conversion service to detect the maximum number of columns in an Excel sheet before beginning the conversion. Set to true by default, so this setting was no longer needed.

Enable Apache POI based converter for Excel data conversion

When this setting is enabled, the conversion service uses the Java-based Apache POI converter to convert Excel data for ingestion into the product. 

Set to true by default, so this setting was no longer needed.

Release 8.1

Preferences area has been changed

The following changes have been applied to the Preferences area of the :

Release 8.0

Collaboration settings apply to both flows and plans

In previous releases, the collaboration features (export, import, and sharing) for flows and plans were managed under different settings. These configuration flags to enable the following capabilities have been consolidated:

NOTE: When plans have been enabled, the following flags apply to both flows and plans.

Old SettingNew SettingDoc for FlowsDoc for Plans
Flow exportExportExport FlowExport Plan
Flow importImportImport FlowImport Plan
Flow sharingSharingShare a FlowShare a Plan

For more information on modifying these settings, see Dataprep Project Settings Page.

Release 7.10

Ability to list users is now configurable

Beginning in this release, workspace administrators can choose whether or not individual users are able to see lists of all users in the workspace. When enabled, for example, users who are trying to share their flows can review the list of all workspace users from which they can select the users to share.

NOTE: Accessible information can include user email addresses. Some workspace administrators may choose to disable this feature for security reasons. Users are still able to select users if their full email addresses are known.

NOTE: For workspaces, this feature is disabled by default.

For more information, see Dataprep Project Settings Page.