The following IAM permissions are required for each user to provide baseline functionality in  and access to common integrations

Dataprep.User IAM Roles

All users of any version of must be assigned the Dataprep.User IAM Role.

Additional Permissions for



Read and write to BigQuery, including views and custom SQL:

Run on :

Read and write to , the base storage for :

Feature Permissions

Additional permissions may be required to use specific features. Individual users may be required to permit  access when the feature is first used. 

 job cancellation

The following permission enables users to cancel their jobs in progress. It is not required for the product to work but may be helpful to add via IAM roles.

BigQuery publishing options

The following permission is not required to publish to BigQuery.

However, if the above permission is not granted to a user, that user can drop or truncate table data in BigQuery, only if one of the following permissions must be enabled in a user's account. 

Google Sheets access

For more information, see Import Google Sheets Data.

Additional Permissions for Cloud IAM

Run  jobs

To run jobs on , one of the following must be applied:

For more information, see

Data access

In addition to the IAM roles above, users must also be granted the following to enable data access based on their Cloud IAM:

These permissions ensure that users can access the appropriate data within .