Releases 7.6.2

May 12, 2021

What's New




Changes in System Behavior


Key Fixes

TD-60881Incorrect file path and missing file extension in the application for parameterized outputs
TD-60378Join and Union user interfaces are taking too long to respond.
TD-60187Snowflake publishing fails during validation when both Stage database and External Stage are in use.
TD-59658IAM roles passed through SAML does not update after Hotfix upgrade
TD-59633Enabled session tag feature but running into "The security token included in the request is invalid" error
TD-59249After ad-hoc publishing, job cleanup process deletes user's output directory on HDFS.
TD-59229Uploaded CSV file fails with Parquet schema error.
TD-58932Cannot read file paths with colons from EMR Spark jobs
TD-58591Copied flow does not include output objects.
TD-58433Some recipe steps missing in copied flow
TD-58036Custom SQL query from Hive fails to run.

jobs take a long time to write output without chunked encoding.

TD-57653Monitoring details not visible in dataset details and flow view
TD-57528Slow ingest time for small XSLX files
TD-57512Java-vfs-service is becoming unresponsive when fetching files for a parameterized dataset comprised of 10,000 files
TD-57264Transformation engine crashes when specifying Group By parameter for List function.
TD-56739Memory leak in java-vfs-service
TD-53375S3 browsing 400 error

New Known Issues


Release 7.6.1

December 7, 2020

What's New



Changes in System Behavior

Installation of database client is now required:

Beginning in this release, before you install or upgrade the database or perform any required database cross-migrations, you must install the appropriate database client first.

NOTE: Use of the database client provided with each supported database distribution is now a required part of any installation or upgrade of the .

NOTE: The MySQL database client cannot be provided by . It must be downloaded and installed separately. As a result, installation or upgrade of a Docker environment using MySQL requires additional support. For more information, please contact .

For more information: 

Catalog support to be deprecated:

NOTE: Integrations with Alation and Waterline catalogs are likely to get deprecated in a future release.

Support for custom data types based on dictionary files to be deprecated:

NOTE: The ability to upload dictionary files and use their contents to define custom data types is scheduled for deprecation in a future release. This feature is limited and inflexible. Until an improved feature can be released, please consider using workarounds. For more information, see Validate Your Data.

You can create custom data types using regular expressions. For more information, see Create Custom Data Types.

Maintenance release updater script is deprecated:

The maintenance release updater script has been deprecated. This script could be used for performing maintenance upgrades:

Key Fixes


New Known Issues


Cannot import data from Azure Databricks. This issue is caused by an incompatibility between TLS v1.3 and Java 8, to which it was backported.

This issue is known to impact Marketplace installs of and can impact on-premises installs.

Workaround: The solution is to downgrade Java on the to openJDKv1.8.0_242 or earlier. Java 8 is required. After you have downgraded, restart the platform. For more information, see System Requirements.


Non-default admin users are not automatically granted full workspace admin privileges on upgrade. These users may be able to see Workspace Settings and Admin Settings but are not granted access to edit roles and users.

Workaround: Login as the default admin user. Select User menu > Admin Console > Roles. For the Workspace Admin role, select Assign Role. Assign the role to the non-default admin users.

For more information:


Access to S3 is disabled after upgrade.

Workaround: This issue is caused by the migration of the S3 enablement setting into the Workspace Settings page. To address, set Enable S3 Connectivity to true. For more information, see Workspace Settings Page.


When importing a dataset via API that is sourced from a BZIP file stored on a backend datastore such as S3, WASB, or ADLS Gen1/Gen2, the columns may not be properly split when the platform is permitted to detect the structure.

Workaround: Import the dataset via UI. If you must still import via API, please change webapp.loadLimitForSplitInference to 900000. See Admin Settings Page.

Release 7.6

September 7. 2020

What's New

New Flow View is now generally available:


Job execution:


Flow View:

Plan View:

Transformer Page:

Job Execution:


Single Sign-On:




Changes in System Behavior

End of Life for 

The  is no longer available for installation and is not supported for use with the product. Please use one of the supported browser versions instead. For more information, see Desktop Requirements.

Users section of Admin Settings is disabled

In previous releases, the Users section of the Admin Settings page was used to manage users. 

CentOS/RHEL 7.1 and 7.2 deprecated

Please upgrade to a supported distribution of either operating system. For more information, see System Requirements.

S3 access uses Java VFS service

Access to S3 is now managed through the Java-based virtual file system. For more information, see Configure Java VFS Service.

NOTE: No configuration changes are required for upgrading customers. For more information, see Enable S3 Access.

Schema information is retained

When schematized datasources are ingested, schema information is now retained for publication of job results.

NOTE: In prior releases, you may have set column data types manually because this schema information was lost during the ingest process. You may need to remove these manual steps from your recipe. For more information, see Improvements to the Type System.

Enhanced PII masking

For social security numbers and credit card numbers, the methods by which these values are determined for purposes of masking sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been expanded and improved. For more information, see Improvements to the Type System.

Updated credential types for connections via API

New components

Optimizer service and database: During job execution on relational sources, the optimizer service assists in managing SQL queries efficiently so that smaller volumes of data are retrieved for the job. Queries are stored in the related database.

Key Bug Fixes


API: Unable to update awsConfig objects in per-user or per-workspace modes.

TD-51229When an admin user shares a flow that the admin user owns, a Failed to share flow with selected user error message may be displayed, even though the flow was successfully shared.
TD-48915Inserting special characters in an output filename results in a validation error in the the application and job failures.
TD-47696Platform appears to fail to restart properly through Admin Settings page due to longer restarts of individual services.
TD-49559Cannot select and apply custom data types through column Type menu.
TD-47473Uploaded files (CSV, XLS, PDF) that contain a space in the filename fail to be converted.
TD-34840Platform fails to provide suggestions for transformations when selecting keys from an object with many of them.

New Known Issues


Import of dataset from Alation catalog hangs.

NOTE: The Alation catalog integration is not working in Release 7.6. For more information, please contact .


If a flow is unshared with you, you cannot see or access the datasources for any jobs that you have already run on the flow. You can still access the job results.