Computes the covariance between two columns using the population method. Source values can be of Integer or Decimal type.

Covariance measures the joint variation between two sets of values. The sign of the covariance tends to show the linear relationship between the two datasets; positive covariance indicates that the numbers tend to increase with each other. 


Output: Returns the covariance between the values in the squareFootage column and the purchasePrice column.

covar(function_col_ref1,function_col_ref2) [group:group_col_ref] [limit:limit_count]

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
function_col_ref1YstringName of column that is the first input to the function
function_col_ref2YstringName of column that is the second input to the function

For more information on the group and limit parameters, see Pivot Transform.

function_col_ref1, function_col_ref2

Name of the column the values of which you want to calculate the covariance. Column must contain Integer or Decimal values.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference)myInputs