Computes the index at which a specified element is first found within an array. Indexing is left to right.

Array literal reference example:


Output: Returns the index of the element "C" in the array, which is 2 in an 0-based index

Column reference example:


 Returns the index in the myValues arrays for the elements listed in the myElement column.


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
array_refYarray or stringName of Array column, Array literal, or function returning an Array to apply to the function
my_elementYanyThe element to locate in the array


Name of the array column, array literal, or function returning an array whose element you want to locate.


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference or function) or array literalmyArray1


Element literal that you wish to locate in the array. It can be a value of any data type.


Required?Data TypeExample Value

Example - Computing points based on position of finish