You can manage access to a flow for other users through the Share Flow dialog. In Flow View, select Share from the context menu.

Tip: If groups have been enabled in your instance of the , you can share flows and connections to LDAP groups. For more information, see Configure Users and Groups.

Tip: A workspace administrator has owner-level access to flows in the workspace. For more information, see Workspace Admin Permissions.

Manage Access Tab

When you grant another user access to one of your flows, you both can work on the objects of the flow. You can take turns editing the recipes, which allows the team to more rapidly complete the work. 

NOTE: When a user is given access to a flow, that user is considered a collaborator on the flow and has a smaller set of permissions than the owner of the flow.

NOTE: Any user may be given access to a flow. However, this user must have access to the underlying data. If the imported dataset is accessed from a private location, the user cannot access datasets in the shared flow. For more information, see Share Connection Dialog.

Through this tab, you can invite one or more collaborators to the flow, so that you may work together on the same objects. 

Manage Access Tab

To save your changes, click Save.

Each selected user now can access the flow through their flows page. See Flows Page.

NOTE: Collaborators have a reduced set of privileges on the flow. For example, they cannot edit the flow name or description or delete it. See Overview of Sharing.