When you edit settings for a selected table in the Import Data page, the following settings are displayed.

You can edit any additional or optional settings for an individual dataset. Perform the following:

  1. Click Edit Settings from the card for an individual dataset in the right panel. The dialog box is displayed. 
  2. In the dialog box, select the required options and modify the settings.

Infer column data types

You can choose whether or not to apply  type inference to table data imported from a database.

Tip: To see the effects of type inference, you can toggle the checkbox and review data type listed at the top of individual columns. To override an individual column's data type, click the data type name and select a new value.

You can configure the default use of type inference at the individual connection level. For more information, see Create Connection Window.

For schematized sources that do not require connections, such as uploaded Avro files, the default setting is determined by the global setting for initial type inference. For more information, see Configure Type Inference.