When publishing to Tableau Server through the Run Job page, please complete the following steps to configure the datasource and settings to apply to the publish action.

  1. Select location: Navigate the Tableau Server browser to select the project and datasource to use for your publication.
    1. For more information on projects, see https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/projects.htm.
    2. To create a new datasource, click Create a new datasource.
      1. For more information, see https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/datasource.htm.
  2. Datasource options:
    1. Datasource name:
      1. New datasource: enter a datasource for it. You may use a pre-existing datasource name.
      2. Existing datasource: you cannot modify the name.
    2. Output project: To change the project to which you are publishing, click the Tableau icon in the sidebar. Select a different project.

    3. Publish actions: Select one of the following.
      1. Create new datasource every run: Each run generates a new datasource with a timestamp appended to the name.
      2. Append to this datasource every run: Each run adds any new results to the end of the datasource.

      3. Drop the datasource every run: With each run, the datasource is dropped (deleted), and all data is deleted. A new datasource with the same name is created, and any new results are added to it.
  3. To save the publishing action, click Add.

Tip: If you generate a Tableau format file as part of your output, you can choose to download and later publish it to Tableau Server. For more information, see Publishing Dialog.