Returns true if the second string evaluates to be an exact match of the first string. Source values can be string literals, column references, or expressions that evaluate to strings.

String literal reference example:


Output: Returns true, since the values are identical.

String literal reference example:


Output: Returns false, since the capitalization is different between the two strings.

Column reference example:


Output: Returns the evaluation of string1 column values being exact matches with the corresponding string2 column values.

exact(string_ref1,string_ref2 [,ignore_case])

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
string_ref1YstringName of first column or first string literal to apply to the function
string_ref2YstringName of second column or second string literal to apply to the function
ignore_caseNstringWhen true, matching is case-insensitive. Default is false.

string_ref1, string_ref2

String literal, column reference, or expression whose elements you want to compare based on this function.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal, column reference, or expression evaluating to a stringmyString1, myString2


When true, matches are case-insensitive. Default is false

NOTE: This argument is not required. By default, matches are case-sensitive.

Required?Data TypeExample Value
NoString literal evaluating to a Boolean'true'

Example - Simple string comparisons